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Terms and Conditions

This Website is owned and operated by Ymobile Corporation. ("Ymobile"). By browsing or accessing this Website, you are representing your consent to the following terms and conditions.

Limitation of Use

The information provided on this Website is owned by Ymobile or by the person who first created the materials. Except for personal or other use expressly authorized by law, you are prohibited from using (including, without limitation, copying, distributing, publishing, downloading, displaying, transmitting, or reproducing in whole or in part) the information herein without prior written permission from Ymobile or the copyright owner.

Prohibited Conduct

In using this Website, the following practices are prohibited:

  • Any act that causes or may cause damage or disadvantage to a third party or to Ymobile ;
  • Any act that infringes or may infringe the property rights or privacy of a third party or Ymobile ;
  • Any act that damages the reputation and credibility of a third party or Ymobile ;
  • Any sales or commercal activities, or other acts in preparation thereof, performed without Ymobile 's permission.
  • Any unlawful act or any act that may be implicated in or construed as an unlawful activity;
  • Any act that involves or may involve the use or provision of a computer virus or other injurious program;
  • Any act of false declaration or report, such as registration with another person's e-mail address;
  • Any other act that contravenes or may contravene any law, ordinance or regulation;
  • Any other act that Ymobile deems inappropriate.