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ADSL Benefit

High-speed AccessReasonable flat-rate priceAlways-on connectionVoIP serviceSimultaneous phone and Internet

High-speed Access

High-speed access which enables easy net surfing and fast streaming contents access

ADSL is a broadband service. It offers data transmission at much greater speeds and capacity than narrowband services like ISDN and dial-up analog modems. ADSL enables you to download high-volume data files effortlessly. Listen to music, watch video clips, download software, right now - no more stressful waiting!

Reasonable flat-rate price

Unlimited Internet access under a flat-rate price

There are no phone charges for using the Internet. ADSL gives you a flat-rate connection that is available round the clock. So you can shop and play games to your heart's content without worrying about how long you are spending.

Always-on connection

Real-time information access through always-on connection

ADSL is an "always on" service that does not require a dial-up process. As long as your computer is on, you can surf the Web any time you want. Real-time information is available through always-on connection, and you will not miss time-sensitive messages or news. ADSL also gives you the advantage of real-time response for participating in online auctions or other time-sensitive activities.

VoIP service

ADSL service can be used with VoIP services. Because VoIP call charges are flat across the nation, you will be able to save on long distance calls. Furthermore, VoIP charges are free among the service providers with Interconnection agreements. Please refer to VoIP page for further information.

Simultaneous phone and Internet

Because you can stay online and use the phone at the same time you don't have to worry about being able to receive important calls or emergency messages. You get the same benefits as ISDN, but at even faster speeds, using your existing analog phone line.