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ADSL Intro

The ADSL connection service offers Internet connections using standard household telephone lines (analog). ADSL is an "always-on" service with a reasonable flat-rate price. Transmission speeds are also surprisingly faster than those offered with conventional dial-up connections.

This service is known as the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, or ADSL, because the speeds for downloading information from the Internet are different than the speeds for uploading information from the user.

Regarding maximum transmission speeds

ADSL is a "best effort service" which does not guarantee the maximum speed for the connection. The maximum speed of the user depends on the users environment such as the set up environment , the NTT line quality , the distance from NTT central offices. Also, to maintain the transmission quality (stability) of your line, we may set maximum speeds lower than those stated above when we install the equipment at your premises.

The mechanism of ADSL

The mechanism of ADSL