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Privacy Policy

Ymobile recognizes the importance of personal information and regards the proper safeguarding of personal information as a social responsibility.To this end, the company has put in place the following practices to protect our customers.

  1. Ymobile has established a position of accountability in each corporate division that handles customer information (hereinafter "personal information"). Every effort is made to protect personal information through proper controls implemented by the person appointed to that position of accountability.
  2. Ymobile may request personal information as required when customers wish to use our services. In collecting personal information from customers, Ymobile will obtain the proper extent of information, with the customer's knowledge of the purpose and uses to which that information may be put.
  3. Ymobile manages personal information from customers in a proper manner and does not disclose or provide that information to third parties other than business partners that are entrusted to carry out business on our behalf and that agree to protect personal information in like manner under the terms of the partnership agreement.
  4. Ymobile undertakes that any third party to which personal information obtained from customers is provided with that customer's consent will be obliged to manage that information in the same proper manner as Ymobile under the terms of our agreement with that third party.
  5. Ymobile may forward information by e-mail or post about services of possible benefit to customers or about goods and services offered by our partners. Customers who choose not to receive such material and mailings can cancel them by notifying Ymobile.
  6. Ymobile will make all reasonable efforts to respond promptly whenever a customer contacts Ymobile' Customer Service Center with an inquiry about personal information provided by that customer or with a request for changes relating to that information.
  7. Ymobile will comply with applicable ordinances and guidelines regarding protection of personal information in our possession, and will continue to enhance the company's Privacy Policy as occasion may demand.