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2007/12/27EMOBILE announces the service areas as of December 2007(Language:Japanese)
2007/12/26Changes in Personnel and Corporate Structure(Language:Japanese)
2007/12/21Comments on the decision on Providers of 2.5GHz broadband mobile wireless access systems(Language:Japanese)
2007/12/20Request made to the Minister for the Internal Affairs and Communications and the Chairman of Radio Regulatory Council(Language:Japanese)
2007/12/17EMOBILE signed Japan's first 3G Mobile Service Roaming Agreement with NTT DoCoMo
2007/12/14Notice Regarding Execution of Purchase of the Company's Shares[PDF:60KB] (PDF)
2007/12/14Notice regarding billing(Langage:Japanese)
2007/12/13eAccess and EMOBILE commence Japan's first wholesale high-speed mobile data service with 3.5G/HSDPA to the MVNOs on 12/13/2007(Language:Japanese)
2007/11/29eAccess to provide ADSL broadband service in collaboration with Amazon Japan(Language:Japanese)
2007/11/29EMOBILE announces the service areas as of November 2007(Language:Japanese)
2007/11/26EMOBILE to start Japan's first HSDPA 7.2Mbps Mobile Data Service(Language:Japanese)
2007/11/26EMOBILE introduces new "Giga Data Plan" with 3.980 yen monthly fee for
data traffic up to 1 GByte and new 2-year long-term discount plan
2007/11/14Changes in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2007/11/13Financial statements for the six months ended September 30, 2007.[PDF:50KB] (PDF)
2007/11/13Notice Regarding Purchase of the Company's Shares [PDF:54KB] (PDF)
2007/11/12"MVNO Consortium" to hold its first meeting OpenWin, a planning company of WiMAX MVNO business, also joins the consortium(Language:Japanese)
2007/10/31Change in Shareholders
2007/10/31EMOBILE announces the service areas as of October 2007(Language:Japanese)
2007/10/29eAccess revises full-year forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 2008[PDF:98KB] (PDF)
2007/10/26Change in the Board of Director
2007/10/22eAccess and EMOBILE to commence Japan's first
wholesale high-speed mobile data service with 3.5G/HSDPA
to the MVNOs from December 2007
-"MVNO Consortium"-
2007/10/19Changes in Shareholders
2007/10/19eAccess and EMOBILE to submit the request to the Ministry's "Mobile Business Revitalization Plan" to promote reasonable access charges and competition through MVNOs.(Language:Japanese)
2007/10/11Open Wireless Network Corporation to submit an application for a 2.5GHz spectrum with Mobile WiMAX technology (PDF)
2007/10/11Open Wireless Network Corporation submits an application for a 2.5GHz spectrum with Mobile WiMAX technology(Language:Japanese)
2007/10/4EMOBILE officially adopts mobile IP phones as Japan's first mobile phone operator.
U.S. JAJAH develops "inexpensive and convenient" voice communication services for EM·;ONE
2007/10/4EMOBILE provides the upgrade service for EM·;ONE
~Upgrade to the latest OS, Microsoft(R) Windows Mobile(R) 6~
2007/10/1Changes in Director and Vice Presidents
2007/10/1USEN an EMOBILE commence "Mobile Access type EM" service(Language:Japanese)
2007/9/27EMOBILE announces the service areas as of September 2007(Langage:Japanese)
2007/9/20WiMAX Strategic Alliance Agreed Between eAccess and Softbank
Both companies will invest in a joint venture together with other financial & strategic partners - "Open Wireless Network (OpenWin)" to apply for the WiMAX license in the 2.5GHz spectrum
Partnership with ISPs provides advantages in MVNO business
2007/9/20eAccess and other operators to successfully verify the significant cost reduction of FTTH service in Optical Line Terminal experiments.(Language:Japanse)
2007/9/20EMOBILE to introduce "EMEONE " with the latest OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 on October 5, 2007.(Language:Japanese)
2007/9/11EMOBILE to introduce HSDPA data terminal (ExpressCard type) with smart & stylish design(Language:Japanese)
2007/8/30EMOBILE announces the service areas as of August 2007(Language:Japanese)
2007/8/30EMOBILE to launch a new broadband service, "EMOBILE HomeAccess" ADSL service which focuses on Internet Access.(Language:Japanese)
2007/8/29EMOBILE acquired 100,000 subscribers
-achieving the subscriber milestone a month ahead of the initial schedule-
2007/8/16Changes in Personnel and Corporate Structure(Language:Japanese)
2007/8/8Financial statements for the three months ended June 30, 2007.[PDF:49KB] (PDF)
2007/8/8eAccess revises full-year forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 2008[PDF:24KB] (PDF)
2007/8/8eAccess to establish Device Business Unit on June 1, 2007[PDF:20KB](Language:Japanese)
2007/8/2EMOBILE announces the full scale sales of D01HW (USB modem type)(Language:Japanese)
2007/6/29CULTIVE completed its first formation of a venture fund exceeding the planned amount of 3 billion(Language:Japanese)
2007/6/29Changes in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2007/6/29EMOBILE announces the distribution of upgrade software for the USB type modem "D01HW"(Language:Japanese)
2007/6/27EMOBILE announces the service areas as of June 2007 and the service area plan of July 1st.(Language:Japanese)
2007/6/22EMOBILE to introduce HSDPA data terminal (USB modem type),first flat rate service in Japan to support Mac OS.(Language:Japanese)
2007/6/14Change in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2007/6/13EMOBILE commences the "New Service Area Campaign" from June 15(Language:Japanese)
2007/6/6Notice of Convocation of the 8th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
2007/5/31Changes in Personnel and Corporate Structure(Language:Japanese)
2007/5/31eAccess Completed the Transfer of EMOBILE Shares
2007/5/30Change in Representative Directors
2007/5/30EMOBILE announces the service areas as of May 2007 and the service area plan from June to August(Language:Japanese)
2007/5/30EMOBILE launches the 3D browser "3D BOX" for EM·;ONE (Language:Japanese)
2007/5/17eAccess commences Mobile WiMAX trial with WIDE Project of Keio Research Institute at SFC from June 1, 2007.(Language:Japanese)
2007/5/16AOL provides "12Mbps free modem ADSL plan with IP phone" from 5/16/2007(Language:Japanese)
2007/5/14Change in Representative Directors
2007/5/14Changes in Personnel and Corporate Structure
2007/5/14Consolidated financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2006.[PDF:42KB] (PDF)
2007/5/14Notice concerning Amendments to Articles of Incorporation[PDF:80KB] (PDF)
2007/5/14Transfer of EMOBILE Shares
2007/5/14Change in Director(Language:Japanese)
2007/5/8Change in Directors and Vice Presidents
2007/5/1Change in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2007/4/26EMOBILE announces the service areas as of April 2007(Language:Japanese)
2007/4/25eAccess revises full-year forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 2007[PDF:23KB] (PDF)
2007/4/24EMOBILE Commences a Full-scale Launch of Huawei Equipment in Sapporo, Sendai, Fukuoka and Kita-Kyushu(Language:Japanese)
2007/4/5Change in the Board of Director
2007/3/31EMOBILE commences its mobile broadband service from today(Language:Japanese)
2007/3/29Changes in Corporate Structure and Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2007/3/16EMOBILE to introduce CF type HSDPA data card "D01NX"(Language:Japanese)
2007/3/8eAccess, in the hopes of expanding its business synergies, has established an Investment Limited Partnership Company CULTIVE
Creating the CV1 Venture Fund
2007/3/1Changes in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2007/2/19EMOBILE Introduces "EM·;ONE"
The Next-generation Wide-screen and Ultra-thin Mobile Broadband Terminal
with One-segment Broadcasting Feature
2007/2/19EMOBILE Commences its HSDPA Mobile Data Service
"EM Mobile Broadband" from March 31, 2007
Flat Rate Mobile Broadband Data Service Including Full Internet Access from PCs
2007/2/19EMOBILE Introduces Mobile Data Card That Aupport "EM Mobile Broadband"
2007/2/19YAPPA and EMOBILE to Form a Business Alliance
on the 3D Portal Interface Fields
Three-dimensional Menu Displays for Mobile Communication Terminals
2007/2/8Consolidated financial statements for the nine months ended December 31, 2006.[PDF:44KB] (PDF)
2007/2/8Change in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2007/2/1eAccess to start a new EC site "Jungle Mart" from February 1,2007(Language:Japanese)
2007/1/31Change in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2007/1/26Changes in Shareholders