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2002/12/18eAccess to expand ADSL service areas from Hokkaido to Okinawa.(Language:Japanese)
2002/12/11eAccess to commence a wireless LAN access point rental service from December 11.(Language:Japanese)
2002/11/27eAccess to announce the alliance of IP phone service from March with 11 ISPs, including interconnection among Japan Telecom, KDDI, and Tokyo Telecommunication network.(Language:Japanese)
2002/11/14eAccess to start a Kyoko Hasegawa calendar give-away campaign from November 18.(Language:Japanese)
2002/11/8Board of Directors Resolved on the Issue of New Shares and Secondary Distribution of Shares (for Over-allotment Option)
2002/10/7eAccess has started 'IA consulting' service, supporting customers who are planning to switch ISDN to ADSL service.(Language:Japanese)
2002/10/2eAccess expands ADSL service areas to 741 NTT central offices applications for the service to start on 10/1(Language:Japanese)
2002/10/1eAccess to commence applications for ' ADSL Plus service' with docomo AOL's 'ADSL plan 12M' from 10/1(Language:Japanese)
2002/9/25Panasonic hi-ho reduces monthly rate charge of its 12M/8M ADSL services 'Matomete ADSL-e Course' from 10/16
Price reduction of 12M service to 2,860yen monthly, free of initial costs
2002/9/9eAccess to start a promotional campaign on its website; provides PC wall-papers of Ms. Kyoko Hasegawa, and offers streaming TVCM for eAccess members only.(Language:Japanese)
2002/9/4eAccess to commence applications for 'ADSL Plus service' with ODN's 'ADSL Plan 12M' from 9/26(Language:Japanese)
2002/8/29eAccess to commence applications for "ADSL Plus service"
2002/8/29eAccess to commence applications for 'ADSL Plus service' with Kojima's 'Kojima Net Ultra 12M service' from 8/30(Language:Japanese)
2002/8/14eAccess starts TV commercial for the new "ADSL Plus" service,
starring Ms. Kyoko Hasegawa as the image character.
2002/8/13eAccess commences applications for "ADSL PLUS service"
2002/8/7eAccess commences applications for "ADSL PLUS service" with TTNet's 12M plan from 8/12(Language:Japanese)
2002/8/5ISPs to book applications for eAccess' "ADSL Plus" in a stream(Language:Japanese)
2002/8/5eAccess commences applications for "ADSL PLUS service"
with BIGLOBE's "Tsukai Hodai ADSL e-Course 12 M Type" from 8/6
2002/8/5eAccess commences applications for "ADSL PLUS service"
with ASAHI net's "ADSL Plus E-Option" from 8/8
2002/8/1eAccess full-fledgedly enters into the e-learning market by providing
ADSL Lines for TAC's "WEB SCHOOL" students
2002/7/12eAccess offers free experimental wireless LAN service
at Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall
2002/6/24eAccess to provide ADSL lines for Japan Telecom's 8M service
"ODN ADSL Plan" for 2,880 yen monthly
2002/6/17eAccess Announces Completion of Japan Telecom's JDSL Acqusition
2002/5/28JAPAN TELECOM transfers consumer DSL network operations to eAccess
2002/5/19eAccess announces the launch plan for 12M ADSL service
-Application accepted from August-
2002/4/1For first 1,000 eAccess ADSL appilicants every week!!(Language:Japanese)
2002/4/1eAccess to provide 8M ADSL lines for CWIDC's "ADSL Package"(Language:Japanese)
2002/2/19eAccess is to commence a trial streaming advertising jointly(Language:Japanese)
2002/2/15eAccess has launched a website that measures the distance between your home and NTT's Central Offices(Language:Japanese)
2002/2/14eAccess to commence VoIP service (PC to Phone voice calls) (Language:Japanese)
2002/1/22eAccess to commence CPE certification process.(Language:Japanese)