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2000/12/28eAccess to Provide ADSL Lines for SANNET 'ADSL-eOption' Internet Access Service Service Starts February 1; Applications Accepted from January 10(Language:Japanese)
2000/12/26eAccess Announces Plans to Launch ADSL Service at 68 Additional Central Offices in April, 2001; To Be Available at Total of 252 Central Offices (Language:Japanese)
2000/12/21eAccess Cuts Fees and Boosts Speed of ADSL Lines for @nifty ADSL Internet Access Service(Language:Japanese)
2000/12/20eAccess Boosts Speed of ADSL Lines to 1.5Mbps(Language:Japanese)
2000/12/12eAccess to Provide ADSL Lines for Panasonic Hi-HO Internet Access Service Applications Accepted from December 16 in Conjunction with Early Sign-up Promotion(Language:Japanese)
2000/12/6eAccess to Provide ADSL Lines for FastNet's 'FINE ADSL Connection Service' for Corporate Subscribers(Language:Japanese)
2000/11/30eAccess to Launch Commercial Service with @nifty from December 5 Initial Fee of 9,800 Yen During Early Sign-up Promotion through January 2001(Language:Japanese)
2000/11/29eAccess Triples ADSL Service Area; Will Begin Accepting Applications from December 1 Early Sign-up Promotion to Coincide with Service Launch(Language:Japanese)
2000/11/29eAccess Partners with DS Networks to offer ADSL Connection Service for Individual Subscribers Initial Fee of 6,800 Yen During Early Sign-up Promotion(Language:Japanese)
2000/11/14eAccess to Provide ADSL Lines for Canon's 'Canonet' ISP for Corporate Subscribers(Language:Japanese)
2000/11/9eAccess to Provide ADSL Lines from BIGLOBE 'Tsukai Hodai ADSL eCourse' Service Starts December 1 ; Applications Accepted from November 22(Language:Japanese)
2000/10/31eAccess to Inaugurate Fee-based Trial ADSL Service with Rimnet Service Starts December 1 ; Applications Accepted from November 1 - ADSL Advance Registration Promotion Offers Discount on Initial Fees for First 100 Applicants -(Language:Japanese)
2000/10/31eAccess announces new service area coverage to commence December 2000.(Language:Japanese)
2000/10/26eAccess to offer ADSL commercial service with GOL(Language:Japanese)
2000/10/25eAccess Partners with Otsuka Shokai, Offers alpha-Web ADSL Service for Corporate Subscribers
2000/10/2eAccess ADSL service Conclusion of ADSL trial test service and commencement of ADSL commercial service
2000/9/19eAccess announces new service area coverage to commence October and November 2000 and new subscriber campaign(Language:Japanese)
2000/9/19eAccess to commence trial pay service with BIGLOBE from October 1st, 2000(Language:Japanese)
2000/9/19eAccess to further increase number of interconnections with ISPs to conduct experimental DSL service(Language:Japanese)
2000/8/29eAccess is first to experiment on live streaming in Japan
- KOSHIEN High School Baseball Championship live streaming experiment(Language:Japanese)
2000/8/22eAccess ADSL Service
- Interim report on eAccess ADSL trial service -
2000/8/17eAccess ADSL Service - 150 central offices in fiscal 2000 -
2000/8/17eAccess Wraps Up Applications for Test Monitors (Language:Japanese)
2000/7/31eAccess to Provide ADSL Lines for @nifty(Language:Japanese)
2000/7/11eAccess Launches ADSL Service at Four Central Offices in Tokyo, Three in Osaka(Language:Japanese)
2000/6/19DSL Trial Initiated in Cooperation with ISPs
2000/5/1eAccess ADSL trial service commenced in Aoyama and Mita areas(Language:Japanese)
2000/3/30Conditions for ADSL Trial Service and Monitor Registration
No Monthly Service Charge During the Trial Service Period
2000/3/27eAccess to Provide ADSL Lines for NTT Data/NTT Mobile Communications' DreamNet 'ADSL-ePlan'(Language:Japanese)
2000/2/7eAccess to Raise 4.5 Billion yen in Private Equity Offering
2000/2/7eAccess Announces Entry Into the Local Access Telecommunications Market