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September 19, 2012
Rakuten, Inc.
eAccess Ltd.

Rakuten and eAccess Agree to Joint Investment for the Establishment of "Rakuten EMOBILE" to Begin a Mobile Data Communication Service

Rakuten, Inc. (JASDAQ: 4755) and eAccess Ltd. ("eAccess," Representative Director and Chairman Sachio Semmoto, Headquarter: TORANOMON TWIN BUILDING, 10-1 Toranomon, 2-Chome Minato-ku, Tokyo) have established a joint venture mobile data communications company, "Rakuten EMOBILE, Inc." (hereinafter "Rakuten EMOBILE"). The new company plans to launch "Rakuten Super WiFi," a mobile data communication service, on October 1. The company will begin accepting registration for the service starting today, September 19. A total of 500 million yen has been invested in the new company, "Rakuten EMOBILE," with a 51% stake held by Rakuten and a 49% stake held by eAccess.

Rapid growth in Internet use along with the use of mobile devices to access social networks and movie streaming services has led to the skyrocketing of demand for high-speed and high-capacity mobile data communication services that allow access to the Internet anywhere, at any time.

In light of this growing demand, "Rakuten EMOBILE" provides a LTE (Long Term Evolution) compatible, high-speed data communication service throughout Japan. The company provides a service that brings together the state-of-the-art mobile communication technology of eAccess, which boasts the biggest market share in the high-speed mobile data communications industry, and Rakuten's roughly 78 million members and Rakuten Super Points system to offer an attractive service to customers.

eAccess first launched an LTE service in March 2012. The company has been implementing strategies to further boost its business through the expansion of its nationwide network of stores. Rakuten provides a diverse range of one-stop online services to customers through "Rakuten Ichiba" and various other Internet services. In the future, the two companies make use of their respective strengths, aiming to become leaders in the fast-growing mobile data communications industry.

[About the New Company]

(1) Company NameRakuten EMOBILE, Inc.
(2) Main Line of BusinessMobile data communication business
(3) Date of EstablishmentSeptember 7, 2012
(4) Capital500 million yen
(5) Investment RatioRakuten, Inc. (51%)
eAccess (49%)
(6) Board of DirectorsPresident and CEO Kenichiro Nakajima (Senior Executive Officer and CMO, Rakuten, Inc.)
DirectorSachio Semmoto (Representative Director and Chairman, eAccess Ltd.)
DirectorEric Gan (Representative Director and President, eAccess Ltd.)
DirectorAtsushi Kunishige (Representative Director and Vice President Executive Officer, Rakuten, Inc.)
DirectorMasato Takahashi (Senior Executive Officer, Rakuten, Inc.)
(7) Head Office4-12-3 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

If you need further information regarding our services, please refer to the press release,
'Announcing Rakuten Super WiFi, an LTE-Compatible Mobile Data Communication Service Registration Starts Today!' at http://global.rakuten.com/newsrelease/2012/0919_2.html

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