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April 4, 2001
eAccess Ltd.

eAccess Launches 'BeMyWay' Broadband Content Site ;
Begins Trial Content Delivery Service to Subscribers

TOKYO, April 4, 2001 - eAccess Limited ('eAccess'), a broadband IP service company based in Tokyo, has launched a broadband content site called 'BeMyWay,' initiating trial content delivery service aimed primarily at subscribers to ADSL Internet access service offered by eAccess. The trial service is due to conclude at the end of July 2001.
Launch of 'BeMyWay' broadband content site
eAccess has teamed up with two content providers to launch
a new broadband content site called 'BeMyWay'(http://bemyway.eaccess.net). eAccess' partners in the venture are Produce on Demand (PoD) (http://www.pod.tv) and HitPops Inc. (http://www.hitpops.co.jp). Content from PoD will be available from the 'BeMyWay' site starting today, and HitPops content is planned for distribution from early May.

PoD is distributing the following content (as of April 4, 2001).

Animation:'Ginga Eiyu Densetsu (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) ON THE WEB'
Movies:Previews of the latest releases (Cinema-Imagica.com)
Music:Streaming of 'Music Clip Special' (can-d.com)
Sports:'Extreme Skiing' (FULL-MARKS.COM)
Lifestyle:'Shoku Food Channel' (shoku-chan.com), 'Sekai Mama no Aji' (Local Cuisine from Around the World) (G-ONE), 'Silver Channel' and 'Save the Africa' (Atto! Odoroku TV)
Expansion of content is planned

All programs are delivered directly to eAccess' ADSL network, not via the Internet. This will allow eAccess subscribers to enjoy streaming video at speeds of 300kbps to 700kbps, with high picture quality and exceptional stability.

eAccess has previously delivered live relays via broadband of events such as the Japan League soccer match with France and the National High School Baseball Tournament. The company's long-term plans are to offer more live relays and to sign up other content providers, building an attractive and varied range of content into the 'BeMyWay' site.

Start of 'Open Content Forum' broadband content delivery trial
In conjunction with the 'BeMyWay' launch, eAccess will conduct a trial service, with the participation of content providers and eAccess' ISP partners, to deliver broadband content to subscribers. The purpose of the trial is to test the technology and operating performance required to provide stable, continuous delivery of broadband content over a working ADSL network.

In addition, by providing services to large numbers of actual subscribers, eAccess will be able to gather marketing data relating to patterns of usage and customer requirements, and will share this information with the companies participating in the Open Content Forum. The company also plans to test authentication and billing systems, with a view to eventual commercialization of the service.

Each of the Open Content Forum participants will advertise and promote their content offerings on their own Websites, and through e-mail, magazines, and other media. This collaborative support will enable participating content providers and ISPs to gain a common understanding of the various issues that affect the delivery of broadband content, and to work together in resolving any problems. The trial is also an opportunity to give subscribers a real taste of the exciting possibilities of the Internet in the upcoming broadband era.

The following ISPs are participating in the Open Content Forum (as of April 4, 2001).

In conducting the trial service, eAccess will set up high performance cache systems jointly with the Open Content Forum ISPs. Content will be delivered from

Asahi Net Inc. (ASAHInet), DS Networks Co. (DS Networks), Dream Train Internet Inc. (DTI), SANNET (Sanyo Electric Software Co., Ltd.), Fuji Television Future Net, Inc. (FFNet), DreamNet Corp. (DreamNet), and CSK Network Systems Corp. (Highway Internet)
Participation of additional ISPs is planned

eAccess' Network Center directly to the edges of the eAccess ADSL network, providing an environment that gives subscribers instant, smooth-running access to broadband content at speeds of over 300kbps.

* HitPops will also distribute a press release and hold a press conference regarding the 'BeMyWay' site and trial service.
* All product names herein are registered trademarks of their respective holders.

eAccess was established in November 1999 as a broadband data communications company, focusing on DSL, Internet Protocol (IP) services and solutions to customers.
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eAccess Ltd.

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