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February 20, 2001
eAccess Ltd.

eAccess Obtains Dark Fiber to Build an IP Backbone,
Commits to Long-Term Plans for Fiber-Optic Net Access Services

TOKYO, February 20, 2001 - eAccess Limited ('eAccess'), a broadband IP service company based in Tokyo, signed an interconnection agreement with NTT East Corp. on February 6, 2001 related to the unused 'dark fiber' transmission paths owned by NTT East. Currently, eAccess is negotiating with NTT West Corp. to complete a similar deal.

Dark fiber is fiber-optic cable that is not connected to any transmission equipment. eAccess plans to use this resource to build a high-speed IP backbone. The company will realize substantial cost savings by using dark fiber for its backbone network instead of the lines it now leases from other carriers.

Access to NTT's dark fiber will enable eAccess to further strengthen its network to support broadband services. These might include services such as the trials conducted last year in which live relays of the National High School Baseball Tournament and of the Hong Kong performance of Japanese rock band, Luna Sea, were streamed to viewers. A high-speed IP backbone infrastructure built from high-speed asymmetric DSL (ADSL) subscriber lines and dark fiber will allow customers to enjoy much faster access to the Internet.

In developing broadband services in the future, eAccess will continue to focus on IP technology and is looking to offer fiber-based services in addition to ADSL. The acquisition of dark fiber offers the potential for providing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services and high-speed connectivity via NTT's fiber cable. The agreement with NTT East represents a long-term commitment by eAccess toward provision of fiber-optic Internet access services.

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eAccess was established in November 1999 as a broadband data communications company, focusing on DSL, Internet Protocol (IP) services and solutions to customers.
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