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December 17, 2008
eAccess Ltd.
(Code Number: 9427)

eAccess Announces Rebuilding of Strategic Business Relationship with AOL
eAccess strengthens Internet access business and
supports AOL's new audience business

eAccess Ltd. (eAccess: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Koji Fukata) and AOL LLC (AOL: New York, United States, Executive Vice President, International : Maneesh Dhir) entered into an agreement to rebuild the strategic business relationship in Japan between the two companies.

1.Overview of the Rebuilding
Both companies agreed to the unbundling of the current ISP business into Internet access business and audience business in the end of January 2009. eAccess will assume responsibility for the existing Internet access business, and AOL will manage the audience business in Japan.

eAccess continues to offer AOL branded Internet access services, aiming at strengthening its market position by more flexible customer support, reduction of telecommunication charge for dial-up access to domestic access points, and introduction of broadband access feature in overseas roaming service. AOL Asia Limited (AOL Asia *), an affiliate of AOL, will introduce a new portal and develop a variety of content and services. eAccess will provide ongoing operational support services to AOL Asia in connection with AOL Asia's portal .

2.Purpose and Background
In July 2004, eAccess acquired from AOL and has since operated, an AOL branded Internet Services Provider (ISP) business. Since that time, eAccess has operated the ISP as one of its network businesses and strengthened its business base by creating solid operating profits.

AOL, since that time, has completed its transition from a subscription-based Internet Access provider to a global, advertising-supported Web business. eAccess and AOL have discussed the best business plan to maximize the AOL brand audience business in Japan.

As a result, both companies agreed to the unbundling of the current ISP business into Internet access business and audience business in collaboration of the both companies in order to strengthen eAccess' Internet access business and to expand AOL's audience business in Japan.

3.Overview of the Services after the Rebuilding
Overview of the services after the rebuilding is expected as follows.

(1) Internet Access Business
eAccess continues to offer AOL branded Internet access services without changing terms & conditions such as monthly basic charge. It will reduce the telecommunication charge for dial-up access service by changing domestic access points. In addition, broadband access and wireless LAN access will be available as one of the overseas roaming service features. (Please note that change of the overseas roaming partner will result in service fee changes including change from free of charge to paid in some countries).

eAccess will develop and operate its own mission-critical business infrastructure such as the customer data base and billing system. This will enable eAccess to offer more flexible customer support such that customers can refer and or change online their credit card information, price plan, and billing information.

Regarding AOL Client Software, eAccess will end the domestic dial-up service and the overseas roaming service through AOL Client Software on or after the end of February 2009. On or after March 1, 2009, even though eAccess stops AOL Client Software support, customers will be able to continue to use mail and Internet browsing through AOL Client Software for free of charge.

(2) AOL Asia's Audience Business
From February 2009, AOL Asia will launch a new portal.

On or after March 1, 2009, the current e-mail service for existing customers (those with @aol.com e-mail addresses) will be unbundled, and AOL Asia will provide the e-mail free of charge. AOL Asia will also start offering a localized version of AOL's free Webmail with more sophisticated service features such as spam mail filtering..

AOL Asia Limited (AOL Asia), established and based in Hong Kong, is an affiliate of AOL LLC which is operating a large portion of AOL's audience business in the Asia region, including Japan. AOL Asia's new portal and free Webmail will be subject to AOL Asia's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, available on the new portal on or after the scheduled launch date in February, 2009. AOL Asia's e-mail service for the current eAccess customers with @aol.com e-mail addresses will be subject to AOL Asia's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on or after March 1, 2009.

(3) Services Changes

Internet Access Business
Audience Business
Continued Services
Internet Access Services ( ADSL, Flet's, and Dial-up)
Services to be changed
  • Domestic Dial-up Access
    Change of access points and access method, and service fee reduction
  • Overseas Roaming Access
    Change of access points,? access method, and service fee
  • AOL Client Software Domestic dial-up and overseas roaming through AOL Client Software to end in the end of February 2009, No support for AOL Client Software on March 1, 2009 onwards
  • New portal and content operated by AOL Asia
  • AOL e-mail (@aol.com ) will be provided by AOL Asia and become free of charge, and existing customers will benefit from the addition of a new experience on the new portal
Newly Introduced Services
  • Overseas Broadband Roaming Service
  • AOL free Webmail with localized e-mail addresses
  • New version of AIM
  • AOL Toolbar
Services to End
  • Chat, Message Board, and AOL Diary (planned to end at the end of January, 2009)
  • AOL Mobile Mail (planned to end at the end of February 2009)

For more information on the service change, please refer to the URL below.

4. Contact Points;

AOL Members:AOL Special Support:0120-639-265 (Everyday 10:00-19:00, Closed:1/29-1/31)

The information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Price, specification, contact and other information of products and service may be subjected to change.