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March 13, 2006
eAccess Ltd.
(Code Number: 9427)

eAccess announces eMobile's partnership with the world-leading Ericsson in the business of next generation mobile phone commercial networks

eAccess Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chairman & CEO Sachio Semmoto) announced today that eMobile Ltd., a subsidiary of eAccess, has selected one of the world-leading equipment vendor of mobile communication systems, Ericsson (Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden; President & CEO: Carl-Henric Svanberg) as one of the prime equipment vendor in the next generation mobile phone commercial network business.

eMobile has selected Ericsson as the main equipment vendor of the core network across Japan, and the regional wireless network focused in areas from Tokyo and Nagoya to Osaka.
eMobile has chosen Ericsson as its primary partner for the reasons stated below:

  • Ericsson is the world's No.1 equipment vendor of mobile communication network systems as demonstrated by its worldwide achievements.
  • Ericsson has more than 20 years of broad experience in business in Japan and a well-established support system.
  • Ericsson has been proactively engaged in the development and standardization movement of high-speed data transmission technology, including the introduction of HSDPA/HSUPA and the implementation of a full IP-based system.

eMobile will continue to evaluate other equipment vendors for the areas outside Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya areas.


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