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September 19, 2001
eAccess Ltd.

eAccess and Microsoft join forces to offer VoIP service (PC-to-phone voice calls)

TOKYO, September 19, 2001- eAccess Limited ("eAccess"), a Tokyo-based broadband data communications company, has announced an alliance with Microsoft Corp. ("Microsoft") to provide PC-to-phone voice connections through the Windows Messenger real-time communication tool built into Microsoft's new operating system, Windows XP. The Japanese edition of Windows XP, the new generation of Windows for the broadband era, will be released on November 16, 2001.

Windows Messenger, a core component of Windows XP, is designed to meet the needs of users in the broadband era, making it easy to chat using text, video, or voice in real time via a PC. Windows Messenger users will be able to use the software to connect from their PCs to phone networks in Japan and around the world.

eAccess is one of the Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) offering voice connections to the phone network from Windows Messenger. The service is not limited to eAccess' existing ADSL customers; it is offered to all users of the Internet in particular to "always-on" users. With the attractive low fees, the VoIP service looks set for considerable growth, and eAccess planning to enhance its VoIP infrastructure with the Microsoft alliance.

eAccess is at the forefront of Japan's rapidly expanding broadband services sector as an innovative company, aiming to be the leader in developing and marketing applications in promoting a richer and more rewarding Internet lifestyle.

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eAccess was established in November 1999 as a broadband data communications company, focusing on DSL, Internet Protocol (IP) services and solutions to customers.
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