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August 30, 2001
eAccess Ltd.

eAccess and Japan Telecom to form Strategic Partnership
--Japan Telecom concurrently takes equity interest in eAccess--

TOKYO, August 30, 2001- eAccess Limited ('eAccess'), a broadband data communications company (focused on DSL business) based in Tokyo, has announced to enter into a definitive agreement to establish a strategic partnership for building a broadband data-communications infrastructure with Japan Telecom Company Limited ('Japan Telecom'), one of the largest telecommunications carriers in Japan. As part of the agreement, Japan Telecom will invest 4 billion in a third-party allocation of new eAccess shares, making it the single largest shareholder (owning about 15%) in the privately held company.

With this alliance, eAccess and Japan Telecom will begin working together to forge a more competitive position in broadband services. New services that will set the partnership apart from competing firms and other details will be decided by a working group to be formed by members of both companies. The partnership will initially focus on the following goals.

1. Mutual augmentation of network infrastructure
Japan Telecom's ADSL services (J-DSL) will use eAccess' network, while the wholesale ADSL lines that eAccess provides for partner ISPs will utilize Japan Telecom's high-quality, high-capacity, and high-reliability network.

2. Cooperation in sales to expand the reach of broadband services
The partners will cooperate on sales to expand the reach of both Japan Telecom's broadband services and eAccess' wholesale ADSL lines. Additionally, the partners will leverage each of their existing sales channels to promote broadband services from both companies.

3. Shared operational skills and development of DSL-based networks
eAccess, a pioneer in ADSL services in Japan, brings considerable accumulated know-how to the partnership, while Japan Telecom has a solid track record of providing global telecommunications services. The synergy of these combined talents will focus on DSL operations, creating a synergy effect and a strong competitive position from the partnership.

4. Joint development/expansion of broadband applications and services
The companies will collaborate on developing broadband applications, such as VoIP, to be provided over DSL or other high-speed access lines, and on further expanding these services.

An effective partnership between eAccess and Japan Telecom will put the two companies at the center of Japan's rapidly expanding broadband services sector, where they will aim to create new values, enhancing the lives of people at home and at work and ushering in an era of new Internet lifestyles.

eAccess was established in November 1999 as a broadband data communications company, focusing on DSL, Internet Protocol (IP) services and solutions to customers.
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